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Викикĕнеке:Мĕн вăл Викикĕнеке

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Ку страницăра Викикĕнеке мĕнне, мĕн вăл маррине, тата урăх Викимедиа проексенчен мĕнпе уйрăлса тăнине пĕлме пулать. Викикĕнекен пĕлтерĕшне кĕскен калани. Сÿтсе явас страницинче тĕплĕнрех калаçу пулса иртет.

Мĕн вăл Викикĕнеке[тӳрлет]

Викикĕнеке - вăл вебсайт, ăçта кашни усă куракан çĕнĕ вĕренÿ кĕнекине е пур кĕнекине тÿрлетме, тÿлевсĕр вулама, ăтма, пичетлеме пултарать.

Вĕренÿ кĕнекисен шутне апат-çимĕç тата ытти вĕренÿ кĕнекисем кĕреççĕ.

Сайт «вики» технологийĕпе ĕçлет. Сайтри информаци ирĕклĕ принциппа сарăлать.

Викикĕнеке 2003 çулта утă уйăхĕн 10-мĕшĕнче йĕркеленнĕ.

Çĕнĕ кĕнекене çырса е пур кĕнекисене тÿрлетсе эсир Викикĕнекене пулăшма пултараттăр. Анчах малтан пулăшу вуласа тухăр, выляв кĕтесĕнче кăсăкланса илĕр. Ун хыççăн ыйтусем юлсан эсир вĕсене канашура ыйтма пултаратăр.

Кĕскен каласан, Викикĕнеке [w:уçă шалаш|уçă шалаш]] кĕнекесен йышĕ.

Викикĕнеке нумай пĕлтерĕшлĕ сăмах пулнăран, кунта кăтартнă мĕнле шалаш тĕсĕсем Викикĕнеке валли юрахлă.

Потому что слово учебника является открытым для толкования, этот документ существует для того, чтобы помочь выяснить, какие типы содержания являются приемлемыми для Викиучебник. Например,В сочинений Шекспираможет рассматриваться в качестве учебникав Английская литература конечно, но такой текст будет неуместно для данного сайта.

Because the word textbook is open to interpretation, this document exists to help clarify which types of content are acceptable for Wikibooks. For example, The Complete Works of Shakespeare might be considered a textbook in an English Literature course, but such a text would be inappropriate for this site.

What Wikibooks includes[тӳрлет]

Wikibooks is for textbooks, annotated texts, instructional guides, and manuals. These materials can be used in a traditional classroom, an accredited or respected institution, a home-school environment, as part of a Wikiversity course or for self-learning. As a general rule only instructional books are suitable for inclusion. Most types of books, both fiction and non-fiction, are not allowed on Wikibooks, unless they are instructional. The use of literary elements, such as allegory or fables as instructional tools can be permitted in some situations.

Materials which may not be appropriate for Wikibooks should only be removed in accordance with the deletion policy.

Wikibooks includes annotated texts[тӳрлет]


Although we do not permit verbatim copies of pre-existing works, we do permit annotated texts, which are a kind of text that includes an original text within it and serves as a guide to reading or studying that text. Annotated editions of previously published source texts may only be written if the source text is compatible with the GFDL license.

As a point of overlap between the two projects, Wikisource also allows the inclusion of annotated texts. If you would like to write an annotated text with sparse annotations, or a critical edition of a text, consider hosting your work on Wikisource instead.

What Wikibooks is not[тӳрлет]

Шаблон:Shortcut Below is a list of things that Wikibooks is not. Keeping the list of what this project is not while editing will help us stay on task.

Wikibooks is not a dictionary[тӳрлет]

Шаблон:Shortcut Although a dictionary is a book, the needs of a general-purpose dictionary are better served at our sister project, Wiktionary. Also:

  1. Wikibooks is not a thesaurus. There is a thesaurus project at Wiktionary:WikiSaurus. Books that only give lists of synonyms or slang can be deleted from Wikibooks.
  2. Exception: Wikibooks does allow and encourage projects that require supplemental dictionaries or thesauri, such as a glossary. For example, a mathematical textbook might need a glossary of math terms; a foreign language textbook might include an English-to-foreign and foreign-to-English dictionary. For these dictionaries and thesauri to remain, they must be secondary and auxiliary to a main text.

Wikibooks is not a free wiki host or webspace provider[тӳрлет]

Шаблон:Shortcut You may not host your own website, blog, or wiki at Wikibooks. If you are interested in using the wiki technology for a collaborative effort on something else, even if it is just a single page, there are many sites that provide wiki hosting (free or for money). You can also install wiki software on your own server. (See the Wiki Science wikibook for information on doing this.)

Wikibooks pages are not Personal homepages. Wikibookians have their own personal pages, but they are used for information relevant to working on free textbooks and other content on Wikibooks. If you are looking to make a personal webpage unrelated to textbook work (e.g. posting your résumé), please make use of one of the many free homepage providers on the Internet.

Wikibooks is not an encyclopedia[тӳрлет]

Шаблон:Shortcut Wikibooks is a resource for textbooks and other educational material, and is not an encyclopaedia. Therefore:

  1. Wikibooks modules are not individual encyclopedia-formatted articles. For an encyclopedia, see our sister project Wikipedia.
  2. Wikibooks is not an in-depth encyclopedia on a specific topic. This is sometimes called a Macropedia. Books generally have a stronger organization that builds knowledge from one module to the next with a suggested chronological order and inter-dependence between book pages. While macropedias are discouraged, it is common for a developing book to import content from Wikipedia or another source, and organize that material in an encyclopedic manner while it is being developed into a proper book.

Wikibooks is not a news service[тӳрлет]

Шаблон:Shortcut Wikibooks is not the place to publish news articles. That is covered by our sister project Wikinews.

Wikibooks is not a place to publish original works[тӳрлет]

Шаблон:Shortcut Wikibooks hosts educational resources. Wikibooks modules are not:

  1. original works of fiction or literature — Wikibooks hosts non-fiction texts only. As such we do not allow original works of fiction or literature. Note that such content is welcomed at the Fiction Wikia.
  2. primary research in any field — Wikibooks is not a place to publish primary research such as proposing theories and solutions, original ideas, defining terms, coining words, et cetera. In short, Wikibooks is not for original research. If you have done primary research on a topic, publish your results in normal peer-reviewed journals, or elsewhere on the web, such as at the Academic Publishing Wiki or Wikiversity.

Wikibooks is not a mirror or a repository for source texts[тӳрлет]

Шаблон:Shortcut Шаблон:Main Wikibooks is not a repository of public domain source texts, which is the purpose of our sister project Wikisource, but rather for collaboratively developing new open-content texts. Exceptions are made for annotated texts, which are a kind of educational material that includes an original text within it and serves as a guide to reading or studying that text.

Wikibooks is not a soapbox[тӳрлет]

Шаблон:Shortcut Wikibooks is not a soapbox, or a vehicle for propaganda and advertising. Therefore, Wikibooks modules are not:

  1. propaganda or advocacy of any kind. Wikibooks modules must always adhere to the neutral point of view. You might wish to go to Usenet or start your own blog if you want to convince people of the merits of your favourite views.
  2. personal essays that state your particular opinions about a topic. Wikibooks is not a vehicle to make personal opinions become part of human knowledge.
  3. advertising or self-promotion. We don't need books or modules on items just because a contributor is associated with them. Please note that Wikibooks does not endorse any business and it does not set up affiliate programs.

Wikibooks is not paper[тӳрлет]

Шаблон:Shortcut Wikibooks is not paper. Thus, Wikibooks has no size limits, can include links, etc. It also means that the style and length of writing appropriate for paper may not be appropriate here. The authors of a Wikibook module don't worry about an event occurring tomorrow that makes all the large, expensive paper copies outdated, as the Wikibook will change as well.

Wikibooks is not for developing new Wikimedia projects[тӳрлет]

Шаблон:Shortcut Wikibooks is not the place to develop new Wikimedia projects. This is a purpose of our sister project Meta-Wiki, a centralized wiki for the coordination of all Wikimedia projects.

Wikibooks is not censored for the protection of minors[тӳрлет]

Шаблон:Shortcut Wikibooks is not censored for the 'protection of minors' (content-rated). First, anyone can edit a module and the results are displayed instantaneously, so we cannot guarantee that a child will see or read nothing their parents may find objectionable. Second, Wikibooks has no organized system for the removal of material that might be thought likely to harm minors. However, modules can be, and are, censored by consensus.

It is important to note that content that would typically be considered offensive is usually a violation of one or more of the previously-mentioned policies or contains copyrighted content which is removed from this project without regards to its social value. Random defacement of pages and adding profanity is usually considered an act of vandalism and removed quickly without any formal community discussion taking place. Unfortunately you might just be viewing some page on Wikibooks immediately after this offensive content was added, and although we try very hard to clean stuff like this up as quickly as we can, we do miss some stuff every once in a while.

As of November 2008, pages can now have "flagged revisions" which can be shown by default for unregistered users which have been validated by users to be stable. These revisions, if used, will often have no vandalism.

Wikibooks is not for video game strategy guides[тӳрлет]

Шаблон:Shortcut Wikibooks is not for video game strategy guides and walk-throughs. Walk-throughs and strategy guides for video games are not acceptable instructional materials, and do not belong on Wikibooks. However, other books about video games, such as scholarly analysis of video games or guides on the design of video games, are allowed here. A better location for writing strategy guides is Strategywiki.

Further reading[тӳрлет]

Similar official policies on other projects[тӳрлет]